Turn your image or a pdf document into an interactive book

iPages Flipbook is a lightweight and rich-feature plugin that helps you create great interactive digital HTML5 flipbooks. With this plugin, you are able to easily make media books for your site that empower publishers and bloggers to create more engaging content. It provides an easy way for you to convert static PDF documents and image sets into the online magazine, interactive catalogs, media brochures or booklets in seconds.


3 Render Book Modes – two & one-page flip, swipe

2 Data Sources – images and PDF or you can mix them together

2 Predefined Themes – included 2 skins: dark & light (you can add your own)

Layers – add images or text to a page

Multiple instances – create as many items as you want on the same page

Responsive – automatically adjust elements to image size

Powerful Interface – many options & capabilities

Export/Import – save your config to a file and use it later or on another domain

AJAX saving – save your config without page reloading

JSON config – the config is served from the filesystem instead of the database for better performance

Code editors – add extra css styles or js code with syntax highlighting

Customization – create your own theme or extend via custom css and js

Cross-Browser – supports for all major browsers

Why this plugin is better than any other?

The easiest and fastest setup without coding skills required

The widest customization options to attract visitors and grow engagement

Sources and Credits

jQuery – http://www.jquery.com

Angular Light - https://github.com/avirtum/angular-light

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